Air Freight

Airfreight is fast-moving and constantly changing.

Airfreight is fast-moving and constantly changing.
A&E provides diversified professional Air import, export, warehouse, cargo screening security and insurance services to worldwide.Our advantages routes include route from China to Middle East, central and South America, Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and Africa.
A&E can not only take full advantage of Shanghai/Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Beijing Airport, but also make full use of the advantage of adjacency of Hong Kong for distributing the cargos timely. A&E have established the long-term relationship with AA ,AM,CZ,CX,ET,LX,LH,TK,QR, UC,UA,CV,QT,TP and some other airlines.We have worldwide agent network, which can support us with to-door service and import air service.Some special or dangerous cargos are also within our business scope.
2)A&E provides fast and secure international air cargo services. We are familiar with the operational procedures of airports and master global airlines market trends so that our air services can be ensured.