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Nasty - BEATDOWN Hardcore from Belgium - Live In Wuhan
Begin Date : Sep 29, 2014
End Date : Sep 29, 2014
When: 3 Oct 2014 FRI 9:00 Where: VOX LIVEHOUSE ::Click Guest band: S.C.O.D (WH) http://site.douban.com/SCOD/ Red Sign (WH) http://site.douban.com/redsign/ Nasty are a Belgian/German metalcore band originally from La Calamina, Belgium, founded in November 2004 out of the ashes of beatdown act Van Damme. At the time of their first MCD "The Beginning" they quickly gained the attention of the Belgian and German hardcore scenes for their violent liveshows and brutal sound; a mix of beatdown hardcore and groovy death metal in the vein of bands like Crawlspace. Another trademark of Nasty are their outrageous, over the top - but highly political lyrics. Their first full length "Declaring War" shook the European hardcorescenes with its sheer brutality. After relentless touring in Europe two more full length albums "Agression" and "Give a s**t" came out on Goodlife records. In 2013 their new album 'Love' will come out on BDHW records. Artists Matthi - Vocals Chris - Guitar Nash - Drums Berry - Bass TAOBAO SHOP: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=40404369714 Price: ¥50 (Advance) / ¥60 (Door) Tel: 027-87596030 Add: Guoguang buildingl , 118# Lumo Road, Hongshan, Wuhan [ Last edited by ronaldwong412 at 1-10-2014 23:26 ]
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