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News Cartoon Contest notice
Begin Date : Sep 30, 2014
End Date : Sep 30, 2014
Chu Tian fashion Ltd. Company has organized “News Cartoon Contest”. All the cartoons/animation fans in Wuhan are welcome to participate, including foreign friends! 1. Requirements A. The basic subject matter is to highlight positive thinking and positivity in the society. Material needed include three kids of cartoons/animations: regular news comics, multi-grid micro comics, and 3D animations etc. B. The material should be created by the participants and should not be presented in any other contest/competition. Copyrights of the material will be held by Chu Tian Technology co., Ltd, and authorship will be held by the original author(s).Comic drawing styles should be vivid and techniques include but are not limited to distinctive personal style, rich text, 3D,4D, multidimensional, single, and limited animation. Animations should have a complete story, and should have plot coherence. All manuscripts are required to attach text of about 200 words. There is no contest entry fee and the manuscripts will not be returned. C. Only electronic artwork is accepted. Electronic paintings requirements: PC resolution 300dpi or more electronic documents using TIF, JPG format; micro animation must be converted to SWF, MPG, AVI, RMVB, MKV, MOV or FLV format, the original resolution should not be less than 720px × 576px, file compression is recommended to 1G or less. Participants required to provide five or more JPEG format HD screenshots, words should not block the organizing companies watermark or "sample" and/or other writings by the organizers. D. Please attach author’s real name(s), phone number, Wechat, institution / university name, full mailing address and zip code. E. Material should be sent to a unified e-mail: 2433615312@qq.com ; Contact: Hansan wechat: meiyiguoji QQ: 2433615312 Competition's official website: http://www.cnhubei.com/xwzt/2013/mhds/ 2. Notes Entries contrary to the following provisions will be disqualified: A.Content in conflict with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. B. Religious content C. Inappropriate content such as pornography, violence, reactionary ideology, etc. D. Content suspected of copying, plagiarism, copyright infringement. E. In violation of other provisions by Chu Tian Technologies about News cartoon contest. 3. The copyright notice and permission to use: A. Entries must be original works, and/or the contestants themselves or group must have full copyright of the content. If a third party challenged the content, and is later substantiated by the organizers; then the organizers will have the right to cancel the award/qualifications and recover trophies, certificates and prizes. Participants will be legally responsible for copyright violation, and not the organizing committee. B.In case of already copyrighted content: the organizing committee has the right to use (without notice and payment of royalties) in the following circumstances: -The use of entries and contents for publicity of the event and related activities and publishing. -Content’s relevant information about event’s media release, and posting on the official web site. -Content’s work-related information for the awards ceremony by OC. -Content’s relevant information for the tournament exhibition (including tour). C. Content may be submitted to apply for the relevant national or local government rewards/incentives. D.Entries can be recommended by the Organizing Committee to participate in other similar competition. E.Chu Tian Diffuse Technology will have the ownership of all the winning entries and have the right to use, adapt, publicize, and promote the material and other rights. Authors have the right of authorship only and no other royalty or interest what so ever pertaining to the material. 4. Material’s publicity and promotion A. Media platforms like Jing Chu network, Hubei mobile newspaper, Chu Tian will set “News Cartoon Contest" column, on website’s home page; B Excellent news weekly comics would be rendered in Jing-Chu network "chutian diffuse • news animation contest" column, and the QR code will be set up by the Hubei daily media group of newspapers, magazines, and Web site. C Open Edition of East Lake community will start publishing excellent cartoons daily. D.Hubei province's 1000 Hubei Daily newspaper electronic version will show selected material. E. Sports Network, Chu Tian Technology co., Ltd and other official microblogging e.g. Wechat will publish and disseminate good quality comics. 5. Schedule Time –Sep, 2014 to 31 Dec, 2014 6. The assessment Experts, the media, and competent departments of the review group will be invited to the activities for contributions by week and two annual events. The results will be published in the media. Prizes and Bonuses: A.The prizes include: Weekly Top eight outstanding single comic prize worth 100 Yuan, excellent micro comic prize worth 150 Yuan, and best micro-animation prize worth 300 Yuan.(the number of outstanding works based on the ratio of the actual number of entries), B. 2“New Author of The Year” awards worth 4000 Yuan. C, 3 “Outstanding Organization” awards at the end of contest worth 3000 Yuan each. D.8 Selected works of art awards by the end of the year (including 6 single news comics ,1 Multi-cell micro-comic, 1 slightly animated comic), each bonus worth 5000 Yuan; E. 3 “Artist of the Year” awards at the end of the year, each worth 5000 Yuan; F. One “Author of the Year” award at the end of an election year worth 10,000 Yuan. G. The total bonus amount: 102,000 Yuan All prize winners will be awarded certificates. In addition, outstanding works of the Year award will have the opportunity to be select in the participating countries ‘provincial press comics’ award’.
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