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musiK11: ARUN GHOSH AND THE VOX on 11th October
Begin Date : Oct 09, 2014
End Date : Oct 09, 2014
[align=center]musiK11: ARUN GHOSH AND THE VOX[/align] [align=center]::Click[/align] [align=center]Photographer : Andrea Artz[/align] In partnership with the British Council, the PRSF(U.K.), the VOX Livehouse, Wuhan and the K11 Art Foundation. Time & Date: 19:30-21:00, Saturday, October 11,2014 Venue: The North Square of K11 Gourmet Tower,No.628, North Liji Road, Qiaokou District, Wuhan 武汉市硚口区解放大道628号武汉K11新食艺北广场 Featuring: Arun Ghosh - Clarinet Wang Wei, Ye Qian - Saxophones Chen Hao - Electric Guitar Li Lixin - Bass Wang Hao - Drums Registration Method: Walk-in Introduction: Arun Ghosh is a clarinetist and composer from London, England, and a recent winner of “Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year” in the UK. He is currently living and working in Wuhan as a Musician in Residence at Wuhan K11 Art Village, supported by K11 Art Foundation, in association with the British Council and the PRSF (U.K.). During his six-week residency, he has been composing music and performing with the Bianzhong(Chime-Bells) Group at Hubei Provincial Museum and more recently working in partnership with the VOX Livehouse. This work has resulted in Ghosh forming a band with rock musicians from VOX, and writing and developing new music with them. Ghosh is renowned for his bringing together of Jazz, Indian and Rock influences, and this exciting and futuristic new work with the VOX band, to be performed for musiK11 will be a perfect example of this. [align=center]Artist Talk: My Personal Creative History As A Musician And Composer[/align] Time & Date: 15:00 – 16:00 October 12,2014 Language: English (With Chinese Translation) Lecturer: Arun Ghosh Venue: chi K11 art space (The South Side of The Secret Garden, K11 Gourmet Tower), No. 163 North Liji Road, Qiaokou District, Wuhan 武汉市硚口区利济北路163号(K11新食艺私密花园南侧) Introduction: The British musician Arun Ghosh will be discussing his personal creative history up to the present day as a musician and composer. By playing a few recordings and showing some images, he will be talking about the development of his styles and musical philosophies, his embracing of jazz, Indian and rock sounds, and how this reflects his identity as a British-Asian. He will demonstrate the importance of “multi-disciplinary” creation to his work, which is collaborations with dance, visual art, theatre and literature. He will also share a little about his time and creative experiences in China. [align=center]::Click[/align] [align=center]::Click[/align] [align=center]::Click[/align]
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