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Spoken Chinese Training Enrollment
Begin Date : Nov 02, 2014
End Date : Nov 02, 2014
Spoken Chinese Training Enrollment Enrollment Target: Foreign Staff or international students in Wuhan Enrollment level: 1) intermediate or Pre-intermediate Chinese; 2) Elementary Chinese Training Contents: 1) pronunciation; 2) choosing words; 3) idiomatic expressions; 4) grammar in spoken Chinese; 5) communicative Chinese; 6) Chinese hot topics. Total Enrollment: 3-4 people each term Training Arrangement: 1-2 times a week Training Goal: to speak fluent and idiomatic Chinese Training place: Wuhan University Application Method: Please apply for the program by E-mail: 675576329@qq.com , and enclose a brief self-introduction including your name, gender, age, identity, nationality, Chinese level, etc. Contact: Mr. Feng E-mail: 675576329@qq.com
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