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Cai Kai Residency Art Exhibition on Saturday Nov.15 from 3pm at K11 art village
Begin Date : Nov 13, 2014
End Date : Nov 13, 2014
Invitation to the Upcoming Exhibition at K11 art village - Free entrance ::Click Organizer: K11 Art Foundation Theme: Man-Made Cave Project–Cai Kai Residency Art Exhibition Opening: 15:00 November 15, 2014 Venue: K11 Art Village Opening Performance: 17:00 - 18:00 November 15, 2014 Special Guest: Ian G Duration: November 15, 2014 - February 14, 2015 (open at 10:00 to 17:00 every Tuesday to Sunday, close on Monday) Venue: K11 Art Village, Building 2, Central Business Street, Changqing Garden, Dongxihu District (Metro Line 2, Changqing Garden Station, A1 Exit) K11艺术村,武汉市东西湖区常青花园中央商业街二号楼(地铁2号线常青花园站A1出口) Telephone: 027-8391 8836 Follow Us On: SinaWeibo: @武汉K11 WeChat: WH K11 Official Website: http://www.k11artfoundation.org/ Man-Made Cave Project –Cai Kai Residency Art Exhibition Opening soon! (9/11/2014, Wuhan) Organized by K11 Art Foundation, “Man-Made Cave Project - Cai Kai Residency Art Exhibition”, will be opened to the public on November 15, 2014 at Wuhan K11 art village. The exhibition will be presented through three parts respectively, namely, “Screen”, “Light”, “Performance”. Two on-site performances will be interspersed during the exhibition as an extension. The “Project” is free to the public till February 14, 2015. K11 cordially invites you to visit K11 Art Village and enjoy the charm of art! “Man-Made Cave Project” features the Wuhan-based young artist Cai Kai, whose works are created during his four-month residency at K11 art village. The artist elucidates the topic he is concerned through using multiple and random forms of media, and expresses the main ideology of his recent creation on the basis of refining and underscoring the quotidian experience. “Screen”, “Light”, “Performance”, as the keywords of the exhibition, are more like a self-restriction. The artist tries to explore a more apposite method of narrative under the condition teemed with randomness and uncertainty. In the first part of “Man-Made Cave Project”, “Screen” does not only refer to a medium, but more like a container, or a measurement. The second part of the project will explore “Light”, a medium which is common but difficult to control. To some extent, the “Light” (and also the “Shadow” formed under a shelter) constitutes “Image” to people’s understanding; meanwhile, the “Light” as an important and resourceful method of information transmission, is often regarded as a normal physics phenomenon. In this part, the artist takes “Light” and “Beam of Light” as the materials to create works. The third part will lead us to explore the theme of “Performance”. This time, the artists will use sensor device, Internet and Internet on mobile device to invite the audience to participate in the creation and exhibition of artworks. As a result, some works will be selected purposefully by the artist out of the previous two parts of the exhibition and shown again, as the final part of the residency program. K11 Art Foundation is to offer a creative platform to talented young artists from Greater China, and provide them opportunities to realize and showcase their full potential via amicable collaborations and cross-regional experimentations regionally and globally. K11 Art Foundation hopes that through this exhibition, more people will see the outstanding artworks of Wuhan-based young artists; also, young artists can get more opportunities to showcase, so as to promote the development of youth art. ABOUT K11 ART FOUNDATION K11 Art Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization that advances the development of the Chinese contemporary art movement by providing the creative incubating platform to nurture artistic talents in Greater China and bring them to the international stage and the broader audience. Founded Adrian Cheng in 2010, the foundation has embarked on creative collaborations and cross-regional experimentations regionally and globally to showcase Chinese talents and their full potential. Through research, initiatives and partnerships, and harnessing the passion and energy of the active participants, K11 Art Foundation facilitates the public to enjoy a diverse array of programs and exhibitions to raise the collective appreciation of arts and culture. The K11 Art Village (artist-in-residence program) in Wuhan offers the space and platform to many young artists to create and present their works. K11 Art Village Wuhan K11 is committed to protecting and promoting the development of contemporary art and the communication between young artists In terms of the visual arts、design、multimedia、music and other aspects. K11 Art Village hopes that through art exhibitions and exchange activities in art space we can make people’s living places become the blueprint of artistic life. We carry out artistic activities that ordinary people can participate in to bring art into community, achieving the harmonious beauty of art people and nature. K11 Art Village Wuhan is located in Central Park, Changing Garden Community, Wuhan, with two-story of approximately 1000 square meters of art exhibition hall, 300 square meters multi-function hall and 11 60-80 square meters artists' studios. K11 Art Village provides young artist who is dedicated to artistic creation and does not have strong economic support a platform to show themselves. We discover the young artists with passion、thinking and unique ideas and invite them to join our artist-in-residence program to use our artist studios for creation. Moreover, they can enter the nationwide and international stage of K11and get support of creative resources, opportunities of exposure, media propaganda,academic communication, as well as public awareness. For the residents of Changqing Garden, art exhibitions and Open art activities in K11 Art Village enrich their daily lives and help them obtain a close experience of art, which brings art closer to people’s life and makes art become a part of their daily lives. This intimate experience of art can influence teenagers gradually, which increases their chances of exposure to art and cultivates their artistic accomplishment. Local artist Residency program K11 will select local young artists in Hubei with potential and provide them free artist Studio and exhibition space for one year, as well as the chances of planning and participating in artistic activities to support the development of local art. Artist Exchange Program In addition to providing local artists with artists' studios, K11 will offer two studios to outstanding young artists in different places for short-term use of artistic creation and exchange each year. Establish an artist exchange program,which provides young artists in Hong Kong, Wuhan, Shanghai and other K11 art space location the chance of creating art work and holding sole exhibition. [ Last edited by WHK11 at 13-11-2014 11:20 ]
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