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Music, Gesture and Multimedia
Begin Date : Jun 04, 2015
End Date : Jun 04, 2015
Percussion, smartphones and electronic equipment ‘SmartFaust’ is the title of a participatory concert and the name of a set of applications for mobile telephones developed by Grame, based on the language of Faust. The concert takes place in two stages: first the performance of three pieces by a ‘choir’ made up of mobile phone users and soloists followed by the realisation of a fourth piece that invites the public to participate in an instant creation without prior rehearsal or special musical skills. The ‘choir’ is made up of volunteers (between 10 and 30, musicians or not) who will have met for training three times for three hours. As the telephone produces sounds when it is moved, the music will be performed by the public as it follows the ‘gestures’ of the composer. SmartFaust is open to all: you only need to download the app onto your telephone! ‘Light Music’ explores the tension at the borderline of gesture and the production of sound, the visual and the acoustic, choreographic and musical writing. Equipped with tools embedded with motion capture technology, the conductor or solo percussionist without percussion may, through the simple movement of his hands, trigger sounds or musical sequences manipulated in time and space, making them resonate. The English title plays with the pun ‘Light music’ because the instrumentalist, except for the heaviness of the software, has no instrument, and thus ‘music of light’ as the points of light and their evolution over time are the central elements of the captured movements. Thursday 11 June 2015 at 19:30 Smart Faust Wuhan Theater 1012,Jiefang boulevard Jianghan District, Wuhan, Hubei 此中法文化之春十周年之际, 《音乐,手势,多媒体》音乐会将于6月11日19点30分在武汉武汉剧院演出。 随着信息科技的发展,手机已成为我们生活中不可缺少的工具,然而手机除了通讯和拍照等功能还有什么用处?法国艺术家将带您用手机来体验不一样的音乐会! 这是一次参与性音乐会,需要参与者提前下载一系列手机应用方可参与互动。这是里昂国家音乐创作中心带来的音乐惊喜,他们将音乐创作与现代科技相结合,演奏两部独一无二的作品《Smart Faust》和《Light Music》。 音乐会分两段进行:前一部分是智能手机与乐器独奏者的合奏,第二部分将邀请听众上台参与即兴创作,无需事先排练,也无需特殊的音乐天份。 合奏阶段的表演由志愿者(10到30名,音乐艺术水平不限)完成,他们事先会有3次3个小时的培训。他们将在作曲家手势的指挥下演奏:奏响音乐的其实是被舞动的智能手机。 本次活动由武汉剧院举办,由新世界地产(武汉)和法国驻武汉总领事馆提供支持。 音乐会 6月11日(周四) 19点30 武汉剧院 江岸区解放大道1012号 ::Click::Click ::Click::Click Follow us at WuhanTime Wechat official account Use Wechat to search for 'wuhantime' or scan ::Click
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