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Wilderness - Swedish dream pop at its finest - 6/28
Begin Date : Jun 26, 2015
End Date : Jun 26, 2015
Another amazing night of Swedish sounds! This sunday, June 28th at Vox. Wilderness is a Stockholm based indie pop group from Sweden. The music is both instrumental and vocal, balearic and dark, hopeful and sad, and suggestive and rhythmic. A lot of inspiration comes from UK in the 1980:s and artist and art associated with Factory Records like New Order and Joy Divison for example. Inspiration also comes from Swedish acts like Air France, The Tough Alliance and Studio. Wilderness prefer to see themselves as an open group of creative people instad of a band in the classic meaning. Anyone who is collaborating with Wilderness is a part of Wilderness. The name refers to an urban Wilderness more then Wilderness in the sense of landscapes and nature. ”This World Is Not Ours” is their second EP and just like their debut: the songs are dreamy and colorful and includes both male and female vocals. The EP will be available on digital stores like Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer etc from April 24th.� Wilderness是一支来自美国巴尔的摩的独立摇滚乐队,成立于1995年,成员有James Johnson、Brain Gossman、Will Goode和Colin McCann。乐队类似喊魂的人声和James Johnson般的歌词,让他们制造出一种混合了后朋和实验的古怪音乐,有点像后朋先锋Public Image Limited。Wilderness的首专录制发行于2005年,并在独立摇滚圈取得了不错的口碑。
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