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IKEA Wuhan to open in September
IKEA Wuhan will officially open in Etouwan, Qiaokou on September 17. IKEA Furniture, the first stage of the IKEA shopping center project, will cover an area of 46,000 square meters and provide more than 8,000 kinds of household products for customers to choose from. The store can accommodate over ten thousand customers. Authentic Swedish food will also be available, and children will be able to play in the children's park. It is reported that IKEA Wuhan will be the only IKEA store in Central China; it will be the 16th chain store in China. The IKEA shopping center will be opened in the form of a shopping mall next year. Ding Hui, general manager of IKEA China, said, "After the completion of the IKEA shopping center in Wuhan, this company will have a much larger presence in China." http://english.wh.gov.cn/publish/english/2014-08/05/1201408050840070142.html
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