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Wuhan Port Visa services at Tianhe Airport
Wuhan Port Visa Division at Tianhe Airport in the charge of Hubei Provincial Public Security Department’s Bureau of Exit-Entry Administration, is the oldest and the most occupied port visa division in central China. Authorized by the Ministry of Public Security, it was put into operation in January 2004. Port visa, also known as visa on arrival, is granted at entry ports to entrants who satisfy certain requirements of entry. Generally speaking, a foreigner needs to get a visa in advance before entry. In cities with the right of issuing port visas, however, one is allowed to apply for a visa upon arrival by providing proof materials such as passport and invitation in person. Port visas can provide convenience for overseas businessmen making investments in Wuhan, as they are invited at the last moment by the Wuhan host. Except for some restrictions on residents from several countries and regions, most inbound tourists can get port visas at Tianhe Airport with their valid passports. Residents from China’s Taiwan, Hong Kong can get entry certificates at the presentation of ID cards. The visa fee for Taiwan residents is 50 Yuan (US$ 8.13), and that for Hong Kong and Macau residents and overseas visitors cost 20 Yuan (US$ 3.25) and over 100 Yuan (US$ 16.25) respectively. (hubei.gov.cn by Mao Huifang) http://english.wh.gov.cn/publish/english/2014-08/14/1201408140901270164.html
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