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21 major commercial projects to open in Wuhan before the end of the year
IKEA will open in Wuhan on September 17, Fuxinghuiyu Star City will open on October 1, and Wushang Zhongyuan Plaza will open on a trial basis on October 28...On September 8, the reporter learned from the Wuhan Commerce Bureau and the Wuhan Housing Security and Management Bureau that 21 of 31 major commercial projects will be completed and open before the end of this year. The remainder will be opened next year. The 31 commercial projects will cover an area of 2.7 million square meters. Five of the projects are foreign funded, and three are managed by local retail enterprises. Wuhan's first comprehensive commercial project, People's Paradise, opened in 1979. After 35 years, Wuhan is now home to 20 major commercial complexes. In this next one year period, Wuhan will open 1.5 times as many commercial complexes as it did in the past 35 years. Concerning the distribution of these various commercial complexes all districts, excluding Hannan, will be home to a major commercial project. Most of the projects, around 80%, will be located in the seven districts at the core of the city. It is reported that each of the new commercial projects scheduled to open in this year and the next year will, on average, occupy a space of 90,000 square meters. The director of the Wuhan Commerce Bureau believes that these commercial complexes will usher in a golden era for shopping and retail.
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