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Golem by 1927 Britain in Wuhan
Area : JiangAnQu
Venue : Wuhan Zhongnan Theatre
Begin Date : Aug 26, 2015
End Date : Aug 26, 2015
Detail Time : 19:30
Free : No
Price : 60 120 180 280 380
Freq. : One-day event

Golem by 1927 Britain in Wuhan will be held at Zhongnan Theatre on Aug.26th,2015.

It’s performed in English with Chinese substitles.

A 1927, Salzburg Festival, Theatre de la Ville Paris & Young Vic co-production

The danger lies not in machine becoming more like man, but in man becoming more like machine…

Drawing on the myth of The Golem - the story of a man who fashions a creature out of clay to work for him - as a starting point, 1927 is creating an original production exploring man and his machines. 1927’s Golem will not be a re-telling or adaptation of the Golem myth but will be an original story that examines the relationship between an extraordinarily ordinary man, and his Golem...

Located in a fictional yet familiar world, where technology and the market economy have evolved to a point of transcending the boundaries of human control, Golem has become a must have, indispensible ingredient for a better life. But its very existence, threatens the prospect of those who created it.

1927’s Golem will be a dark and fantastical tale set in a futuristic city, that foretells of the dangers not of machine becoming more like man, but of man becoming more like machine.

Completely synchronising live performance and music with stunning animation and film, Golem is the follow up to 1927’s hit international show The Animals and Children took to the Streets and The Magic Flute, 1927’s first opera production (created in collaboration with Komische Opera Berlin). A 1927 co-production with Salzburg Festival, Theatre de la Ville Paris and Young Vic Theatre London, Golem culminated in a world premiere at the Salzburg Festival in August 2014.

*Tickets are available now!

Date Price Categories (RMB)
Wed 26 Aug 2015 19:30                                       60   120   180   280   380

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