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account live password reset 1-844-797-8692 account.live.com/password/reset

Call Experts for Online Help about Your PC and Others

With the passing timewhen world is getting digitalize day by day the in all small or bigorganizations computer systems are probably most important resources. We allare dependent completely on such devices and gadgets for better and quickachievements of results. In our lots of dependencies on PC, laptops and othersuch devices if any user encounters with technical glitches occurring then itcan hamper crucial works up to large extent. For the security of resources likeinformation and hardware it will better be to contact with professionalsthrough account live password reset number.

In normalcircumstances if any user has forgotten his computer password and need to unlockit without password then following are the steps should be followed. Just havea look on them-

·        Kindlyselect start icon on bottom left corner of your desktop

·        Pleasetype the word “run” in appeared dialog box then type “cmd” in next appearingbox and then after choose OK. Now the DOS screen opens on computer.

·        Nownet(space)user(space)username* should be typed just next to administrator

·        Nowjust type the new password which you want to provide and being asked to enter

·        TypeExit and return to normal screen and now enter new password

If any user is unableto unlock personal computer or laptop with above mentioned steps then theyshould immediate contact best technical experts. To reach top quality andcertified engineers one can choose our account.live.com/password/reset number 1-844-797-8692. We arethe genuine online support providers who are available 24X7 to assist users inall technical hurdles. For better protection and recovery of your importantresources we are the excellent helpline service. For reaching us one can makecall to toll free numbers or can chat with and mail to us. Find moreinformation through our official web link.



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