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Feel for some non-vocal music?
Area : HongShanQu
Begin Date : Sep 10, 2015
End Date : Sep 10, 2015
Free : No
Price : 80/ 60
Freq. : One-day event
Feel for some non-vocal music?
Time:2015.09.10 Thursday 21:00
Venue:Vox Livehouse Lumo Road Guanggu
Price:At door 80 RMB/ Presale 60 RMB
 There are no vocals to their music. Neither is there a lead part. It's not an exaggeration to say that there's no starring role to their music.
  Each musical part plays a supporting role to create a melody that is the single theme.
  Each part is made from the interpretation of the composition, which means that deep thought is put into the point, strength, and timing of the picking. 
 It is holding your breath as if to dive 2000 meters into the deep sea and gradually changing everything into pressure, namely, concentration. 
 The deeper you dive, the more obvious the displacement of the rhythm becomes, making you able to feel the ultra-delicate nuance between the notes. 
 Then, the sense of time is stretched out to make a second feel infinitely long. Even the "gap" of a fraction of a second of a composition at 180 BPM feels long and bears importance. 
 They feel it is one of the important points of their music, to embody the "gap" that appears. It is the spirit of feeling and sensing within this limited community of five, in other words, their music is about capturing the "gap". 
 If all five members can keep diving at the same depth, the result would be outstanding music, but it has yet to be realized. This is, however, what they aim for.
 How To Count One To Ten正正是一例子,他們打破數字後搖運用小調的慣性傳統,利用大調作主旋律,創作出令人輕鬆愉快的作品,令這音樂世界充滿陽光。 
 How To Count One To Ten從2009年開始,一直於東京大大小小的live house現出,當中包括鼎鼎大名,每個到東京的樂迷都必去朝聖的代官山LOOP及澀谷O-NEST。豐富了演出經驗的How To Count One To Ten,去年12月首次到台灣地區作巡演,並與當地有名的數字搖滾樂隊大象體操同台演出,大獲好評。
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