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Loulan Box at Coastline Livehouse
Area : WuChangQu
Address : Houchang Street #29 Pengliuyang Road Wuchang
Venue : Coastline Livehouse
Begin Date : Sep 13, 2015
End Date : Sep 13, 2015
Detail Time : 21:00
Free : No
Price : 60RMB
Freq. : One-day event

This rock band LOULAN BOX is a special indie band from Xinjiang Province.In this band,all of they member came from Xinjiang,but they are not just Xinjiang stule music.All the members study in different province on China,and different culture and different life experience make them have more new imagine in their music.Different local culture make their music more mulriple.Our band was organize in Beijing in 2007.And we got NO.4 in the LEVIS "Rock Party"at the same year.In 2014,we join the "Midi festival"and we played in"Tang stage"in Shenzhen,and then we join "Shanghai Midi festival UN Station "and "Beijing Midi Festival zhanguo stage"After all the perform,Gobal Times and other foreign media have an onther rview with us.Then more and more youngs know about us .Many music critics view "LouLan BOX" asthe most special indie Rock Band in Xinjiang!
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