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Night of Master at JZ Club -special gifts for funs
Area : JiangHanQu
Address : No.153 Yanjiang Avenue Jiang‘an District Wuhan
Begin Date : Sep 22, 2015
End Date : Sep 22, 2015
Free : Yes
Freq. : One-day event

演出时间:10.2    晚9:30

Time: 10.2 9:30 pm


地址:汉口沿江大道153号 / 合作路口

address:No.153 Yanjiang Avenue, Jiang'an District, Wuhan




The band's name - Trace Element might not ring a bell, but they are all individually established music artists who will blow your mind~



Trace Elements直译为"微量元素",三位大师以此为概念组队不知是否寄予了对彼此的惺惺相惜。如果我们之前的大师派对叫作 Master Party,这个就理所当然当之无愧为Masters Party了。每一位成员毫无疑问都是顶级大师。


Everyone is a one of a kind master in their own field.



来自意大利的顶级钢琴演奏家 Paolo di Sabatino 担任钢琴演奏.


Paolo di Sabatino is an Italian pianist.



宗师级传奇鼓手 Jojo Mayer,是的,就是JZ Festival的老朋友,Jojo将担任鼓手。


The legendary drummer Jojo Mayer- JZ's old friend would be there.


来自智利的大师 Christian Galvez 将担任当晚的贝司手。


And the bass player is Christian Gálvez from Chile.









(Photos: JZ CLub)


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