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Charity Music Night - We need you!
Area : JiangHanQu
Address : No.153 Yanjiang Avenue Jiang‘an District Wuhan
Begin Date : Sep 27, 2015
Free : No
Price : 80
Freq. : One-day event


演出时间:9.27    晚9:00

Time: 9.27 9:00 pm


地址:汉口沿江大道153号 / 合作路口

address:No.153 Yanjiang Avenue, Jiang'an District, Wuhan


The concert`s profit will support Randy Harold`s, a 26 years old foreign medicine student in Wuhan, post cancer surgery treatment.


Randy Harold: “Due to the biopsy surgery that i have undergo, the doctors had to cut a nerve in my leg, which leaves me with a numbing feeling in the lower part of my leg. My balance and my walking is now slightly impaired and is forcing me to require prosthetic piece. Based the company that my doctor have recommended to me, a proper prosthetic piece.”





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