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Welcome Box that grants a Small Plum Soda

Start a different Tina Closers Credits character and you’ll be given a Welcome Box that grants that you simply Small Plum Soda, a Dark Command 10-Piece Set (one day), as well as a set of 3-Star Midnight Wings (a day)!We’ll also send that you simply special support box (via in-game mail) whenever you hit levels 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 which has a Tina character! These boxes contain weapon cores, enhancement items, plus much more! Once Tina's level cap is increased to 75 from the April 16 update, you get a box for hitting 75 too!

Complete stages that consume 10 Fatigue (if not more) and you’ll receive tokens to craft special rewards, including accessories and boosts!Tina’s debut also comes using a new trailer which you’ll find right following jump. You can also sprint to the Closers Credits for sale site the Closers official site for more info.

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