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Dell Customer Care Phone Number

Dell Technical Support

Despite many advantages of Dell computers over other similar products, users often encounter glitches. And one such trouble is when Dell Backup & Recovery stops working all of a sudden. There can be innumerable reasons behind the occurrence of this flaw. If you have been also in asituation similar to this issue and searched for a fix, then youare at the right place to get the solution. You can try performing some troubleshooting steps given in this blog or take assistance from Dell Printer Customer Service Number that can be accessed at any time of the day.

Dell is one of the renowned brands but one cannot avoid the troubles associated with its products. Not just the computers but also the laptops and printers often misbehave leading to serious issues. When the option of backup & recovery causes troubles, it disappoints the users.

Fixing the ‘Backup &Recovery not working on Windows 10’

With the help of under-given methods, you can sort the issue out without any assistance.

Method 1: Download Dell Backup & Recovery Tool

§ First of all, install and launch the alternative backup tool and then click over the file backup.

§ Then select the files that need toback up on Windows 10 device.

§ Choose and select the destination where you need to save the files and click Proceed.

§ Click on the proceed button to move further.

§ You will be prompted with a question to back up Windows 10 files or system to any other external storage device.

Method 2: Repair and fix DellBackup & recovery not working

§ Update Dell Backup & Recovery to the latest version on your Windows 10.

§ Update Windows device drivers byright clicking on the start button and select Device Manager then Expand Disk Drivers and right click on your disk and chose to update driver software.

It might be possible that the above mentioned may or May not fix the issue but there is always one point of contact you can reach out toi.e. Dell Printer Technical support number where the trained and skilled technicians will provide with a most efficient solution to the glitch without any inconvenience.

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