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Wuhan sends 20 football seeds to Spain

Wuhan FA announced on September 17 that the "Shangwen Youth Programme", an overseas football training of largest scale in the city’s history, was officially launched.

20 12 to13-year-old players selected from Wuhan schools will be sent to Spain to start a five-year training and studing life.

These players will be absorbed into the Cornella Youth Club in Barcelona. After assessment, they are about to be assigned to different echelons for professional training.

Within the five years, the young players will dash back and forth between more than 40 high-level games and their courses in a selected international school.

The "Shangwen Youth Programme" was expected to be operated in a five-year cycle. And every year, 20 players would be designated to Spain. It was hoped that Wuhan’s football future would be bright for the rising young stars, the person in charge of Wuhan FA said. (hubei.gov.cn by Ruan Xinqi)

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