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Wuhan ​Jazz Festival 2015 To Kick off
Area : JiangHanQu
Address : Wuhan Creative Capital No.26 Yezhi Lake Road.
Begin Date : Oct 09, 2015
End Date : Nov 21, 2015
Free : No
Price : 150/80/60
Freq. : One-day event

Wuhan ​Jazz Festival 2015 To Kick off 



Wuhan Jazz Festival 2015 To Kick off



Louisiana Sunday Afternoon 司徒嘉伟 - The Island 岛叙


Venue: Wuhan Creative Capital, No.26 Yezhi Lake Road.

Price: 150 set ticket/ 80 single (door)/ 60 single (presale)





2015 International Art Festival X Wuhan International Jazz Music Festival


-Performing Artists-







2015.10.10 Friday 20:00—21:00

The band is made up of five music enthusiasts from Guangzhou: 蔡剑、钟建斌、王旭波、刘星星、頼宁宇. Their style is jazz focused with a combination with other diversing elements.





Sextet | China


2015.10.10 周六 20:00—21:00

Situ Jiawei, is one of the few professional jazz singers in China with an expertise in playing piano, education and songwriting. He has the voice of heaven that is rare to be found in an Asian artist.

His voice is warm, mature and charming, which captures the uniqueness of jazz songs.




ASAF | Britain


2015.10.16 Friday 20:00—21:00

Born in Israel, live in London, drummer Asaf Sirkis can bring out stormy energy from within and is pioneering in experimenting with new elements of music, caming up with a new style that is characteristic of Asaf Sirkis.





PARTIKEL | Britain


2015.10.17 周六 20:00—21:00

Partikel is a band from London. The band incorporates various elements in its performance, like the modal harmony and improvisation of jazz.







2015.10.23 Friday 20:00—21:00

Brazilian multi-instrument player and musician Tinho Pereira is super talented in areas of insrtument-playing, singing, composing and singing. His music style plays an emphasis on latin jazz.




FUSIONJAZZ B.connected | Switzerland


2015.10.24 Saturday 20:00—21:00

On Sept 1994, guitarist EugeneMontenero and saxophone player Moreno Helmy together set up a modern electronic jazz band—B. Connected(“联合”乐队)。

Before long, five more member joined the band and bring along a different vision which made the music composition slightly more light music oriented, which also incorporates the east coast new york jazz style.





Maple Jazz Band | China


2015.10.30 Friday 20:00—21:00

The band combines various styles in its music creation: Modern、Fusion、Funk、Soul、Latin.




Jade Lee Quintet | China


2015.10.31 Saturday 20:00—21:00

Graduated from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, she has worked with many big names: Tina May, Israeli musician Gilad Atzmon, British jazz pianist Richard Roberts etc.




Franch Trumpet FLO Quintet | France


2015.11.6 Friday 20:00—21:00

SuPerDoG is a brand new band initiated by Florent Brique. The band made a fine combination between the power of rock and the improvisation of jazz, with a dab of electroic music. The band's first single is a fine representation of King Crimson's music spirit.





Alber Jazz Quintet | Australia


2015.11.7 Saturday 20:00—21:00


As a famous Australian jazz guitarist, he has made substantial contributions to the Jazz music by setting up the Bell Award to encourage rising jazz musicians.





Heidi Quartet | America


2015.11.13 Friday 20:00—21:00

You will be easily surprised by her versatility in performing. Influenced mainly by jazz classics and Bossa Nova music style, she brought a breatth of fresh air to the modern jazz music. Versatile as she is, she can also sing in different languages say English, German and Spanish.





赵可能性 | China


2015.11.14 Saturday 20:00—21:00

As a singer, composer, author and poet, he combines traditional Chinese music and culture with that of the west, exploring the limited possibilities of Jazz music. His one-of-a-kind voice and the performance on stage made him undoubtly the most creative jazz singer in China and gained fame internationally.




Teresa Lee Quintet李子涵爵士四重奏 | China


2015.11.15 Sunday 20:00—21:00

As one of the best Jazz singers in China, she has an extraordinary musicality and style. Becasue of her outstanding Scat Singing style, she was dubbed as The Chinese First Lady Of Jazz。





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