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MUSIC - Punk Band BLOK 1A @ VOX
Area : HongShanQu
Address : VOX LIVEHOUSE Lumo Road Hongshan District
Begin Date : Sep 29, 2015
Free : No
Price : 80(door)/60(presale)
Freq. : One-day event

【Time】Sept 29th 21:00    
【Address】VOX LIVEHOUSE, Lumo Road, Hongshan District     

BLOK 1A 荷兰朋克摇滚老牌乐队。他们在欧洲被众所周知。除了有趣激进的朋克正能量,他们还关注社会上每一个需要改善的观念。


Everything started back in 2002 and ended in 2008. With over a 150 shows in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, England, Scotland and Austria.


从2002到2008年,从荷兰、德国、比利时、英国、苏格兰到奥地利他们进行了1000多场的音乐节、LIVE HOUSE表演使得乐队在荷兰、欧洲的地位得到大家认可。


Begin 2014 BLOK 1A decided to pick it up again. Since then they played several shows in The Netherlands and Belgium. Opening for punk bands like UK Subs and The Virus (USA). Now they are busy planning a tour through freaking China.











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