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Hankou Melchers company

Area : No Limit
Address : No.2 Yiyuan road Hankou

Hankou Melchers company was established in 1908, built by the Hanxiesheng construction film ,with 4 layer reinforced concrete structure.Actually as early as 1862,The Germany Melchers company had opened a branch in Hankou,operating import-export business,egg factory,lighting factory , warehouse , insurance and shipping business.This company is the early Germany company entered mainland to make business after Hankou Port-Opening .

However, due to the broke out of Chinese Anti-Japanese War,Melchers company was forced to close.In 1946 after the Anti-Japanese War,the Left-behind employer何伯乐、阿尔的美登and 门达 were repatriated by Chinese government.The Melchers egg factory,lighting factory , warehouse were bombed out by the US aircraft in the fall of Hankou during 1944.It is said that the head office in Berlin was also bombed out during  that time ,since the news reached Shanghai,the employer of Melchers in Shanghai died in dismay.However the office building of Melchers survived in the bomb of US aircraft.

After the liberation of Wuhan,the building was nationalized as the office of  Wuhan government.