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Taining Street antique market

Area : JiangHanQu
Address : Taining street

Hundred years ago ,Taining street has always been a humble street by the side of old Jinghan railway.Through the long year's accumulation,Taining street gradually formed a  second-hand antique market with the most traditional influence in Hankou.Its status is equivalent to Panjiayuan in  Beijing and Yu Garden in

Shanghai.In fact, Taining street is just a small street between Nanjing road and Huangshi Road,but now has expanded to several neighboring blocks.Most of the things sold here were second-hand goods.The people coming here were with leisure and a heart to pick up cheap.They bought more than the goods ,but also the fun of communication and bargaining with the vendors.In the antique market , you can see porcelain, wood, iron, furniture, pressure regulator, horn, phonograph records, calligraphy and paintings, desk lamps, old clocks and watches, four treasures of the study, and pear wood chair and all kings of old books, newspapers and magazines, a large variety of antique objects, countless more.