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CECP Dragon Boat team recruitment 2016 CECP龙舟队2016年招募队员开始了!
Area : No Limit
Begin Date : Jan 06, 2016
End Date : Jul 06, 2016
Free : Yes
Freq. : Multi-day event

CECP龙舟队是一只由CECP国际志愿者组成的龙舟队,我们由三十多个国家的志愿者组成,目的在于宣传中国龙舟文化,唤起人们对中国传统文化保护的重视。我们是中国唯一一个纯粹由志愿者组成的国际龙舟队。我们参加了2012,2013,2014, 2015年度武汉市龙舟大赛,并被邀请参加渡普镇农民龙舟赛,武汉后湖龙舟邀请赛等多项赛事。我们将继续参加2016年度各项龙舟赛。

CECP Dragon Boat Team is a team comprised of volunteers from more than 30 nations. We aim to promote the Dragon Boat culture and call for the protection of endangered Chinese Cultures. We joined Dragon Boat Tournaments in different cities in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and will join many more games in 2016.


The trainning this year will begin around end of March on weekends in eastlake.

Welcome to join if you 欢迎加入我们如果

  1. Like sports and fit 喜欢运动,身体健康

  2. Enjoy cultural exchange 享受文化的交流

  3. Team spirit and commitment 有团队精神和责任感

  4. Can attend most of our practices and join the race (Around June)可以参加我们大多数的训练和六月左右的龙舟比赛

Spaces are limited. Please send your application email to cecporg@126.com with your name, self-intro and contact.


If you are interested to be our sponsor please email to us.


It will be lots of sports, lots of friendship, lots of culture and lots of


China Endangered Culture Protector (CECP) is an international volunteer group working to study, promote, and hence protect the endangered part of Chinese Culture. The international nature of CECP lends to itself the global effort in cultural protection and promotion. We organize trips, expeditions, field surveys, seminars, and many other events. We take photos, record videos and audios, write articles to be published in domestic and international medias. We believe the best way to protect the endangered cultures is to let more people be aware of their existence, and to understand their real value.
CECP web site: http://www.icecp.org/
To join us pls email to cecporg@126.com
微信公众号 cecporg


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