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Mahjong and Wuhan dialect Courses
Begin Date : Apr 24, 2005
End Date : Apr 24, 2005
We are now organizing courses on Mahjong and Wuhanese. A taste of the local culture will be fun. So, whats Mahjong? Majong or Mahjong is a gamblers game in China. If you dont put money in the game, there will be not much fun. Most people in China play the game using some faked money or a few dollars in the game just for the sake of gambling. Majong was forbidden during the the Cultural Revolution (1966 - 1976) and it is now popular again. You might even hear the playing sound when you go near the windows or the door of your neighbor at night. Since majong is associated with gambling, unlike Chinese chess or go (weiqi) (both are very popular official games), no official majong competition is held anywhere in China. Introduction to Majong Majong was invented long long time ago in China. There are many theories about the origin of majong. A majong set has 144 beautiful tiles , which may be classified into four suits, the bamboo, circle, character, and wind. In each suit, there are 36 tiles. The wind suit includes the flowers, dragons and winds. American majong sets usually have 166 tiles. To learn majong, you need to know some basic rules of the game. Need more information on majong, please go to the majong page . We are now open for register. Time and venue will be decided upon participants opinion. To join us, pls contact Yang Fan at 62605370 or email yangfan@wuhantime.com
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