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A world of spirit-Exhibition of Intangible heritage in Enshi恩施非遗
Area : WuChangQu
Address : east lake road
Venue : Hubei provincial museum
Begin Date : Jan 24, 2016
End Date : Mar 20, 2016
Free : Yes
Freq. : Multi-day event

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Address: Hubei Provincial Museum, Wuchang

Till: March 20, 2016

Cost: Free

Xilankapu, also known as "knitting Floral Bedclothes," was listed as national intangible cultural heritage in 2006.

Tujia brocade is woven with cotton thread, and locally called "dahua", including two major types, namely brocaded beddings (called xilankapu in Tujia language) and brocaded ribbons. Based on the flower-forming skills of "passing warp thread and cutting weft thread", Xilankapu is the most representative and typical one, and is further divided into two subcategories, "oppositely slanting" plain weave series and "up-down slanting" colored twill series. Xilankapu is woven with age-old waist-type tilted looms purely made of wood. The weaving procedure mainly consists of twelve steps: thread spinning and twisting, dyeing, winding, pulling, reeding, rolling, jianzong, turning pole, making flower pattern, binding and feeding, weaving, and cross stitch based weaving. Design patterns are woven by cross stitch through "reverse weaving method". Brocaded ribbons are a more common type of tujia brocade and can be made using the old "lengthwise brocading" skill of "passing warp thread and then weft thread" between the two knees of a weaver without any special tools.

These models really look caucasian!

Mask of Nuo Opera-an opera to communicate with Gods, or demons?

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