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WuhanTime Visit of Pottery Art Workshop
Area : WuChangQu
Begin Date : Feb 06, 2016
End Date : Feb 06, 2016
Detail Time : 2pm
Free : Yes
Freq. : One-day event

With great pleasure, WuhanTime is organizing a special visit to Mr. You Zhanping's pottery workshop this Saturday. Mr. You Zhanping 尤占平 is a well respected local artist in modern pottery. He will give a demonstration of his art making.

Some of his art work:

Time: Saturday Feb 6, 2:30pm-5pm

Venue: Meet at Qinyuan xiaoqu 湖北大学琴园小区 of Hubei university near Sha lake at 2:20pm

Spaces: 5

Please RSVP by email to wuhantime.com@gmail.com with your name and contact.

If you are interested in art and willing to communicate with some peer artists, welcome to join Wuhan International artists group.


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