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Join us for Wuhan New Year Walk! 让我们一起新年步行吧
Area : WuChangQu
Begin Date : Feb 08, 2016
End Date : Feb 08, 2016
Free : Yes
Freq. : One-day event

Xin Nian Kuai Le! How about celebrate Chinese new year by walking Wuhan? On Feb 8 first day of the new year, join us for the WuhanTime New Year Walk, to discover history of the city and experience how local people celebrate new year.


Feb 8th, 10am Meet at Exit a2, Pangxiejia subway station, Line 2

Walk through Tanhualin, Boone Memorial University, Huayuanshan Catholic Church, Deshengqiao old street, red alley

12:30 Taste local food at Hubu alley, the famous food street

1:00pm Walk to first Yangtze Bridge, Yellow crane tower, Shouyi park

We will discover hundreds of historical buildings along the route and walk till we drop:)


昙华林, 花园山, 得胜桥,红巷,户部巷,长江大桥,黄鹤楼,首义公园。。。走到累趴下为止

Cost: Free except your own lunch. No entry tickets required.

This is a joint event by WuhanTime and CECP China Endangered Culture Protector (Wechat cecporg)

For logisitic concerns we can only take at most 20 people.

Please RSVP by email to wuhantime.com@gmail.com.


Happy New year!

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