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Dutch Design Talks 武汉荷兰日 Wuhan Dutch Days
Area : HongShanQu
Address : 武汉市洪山区纺织路1号
Venue : 武汉纺织大学
Venue Url : http://www.wtu.edu.cn/html/wwwindex.html
Begin Date : Mar 15, 2016
End Date : Mar 15, 2016
Detail Time : 09:30 - 12:00
Free : Yes
Freq. : One-day event

Elisabeth Koch is the go-to hat designer for China’s top fashion magazines and celebrities. Her work reached it to the cover of Vogue China with actress Shu Qi. Over the years, her pieces have been worn by celebrities as Zhang Ziyi,Zhou Xun, Yao Chen, and Li Bingbing, and have appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Tatler, Elle, and GQ, as well as in several blockbuster Chinese films.

Elisabeth Koch will give a master class about how she designed for the spot lights and tell more about the history of her design practices and of hat designs in general.

Fashion designer Angelle Chang will explain more about her inspiration for the renowned Perfect Imperfections by JOW collection. The inspiration of this brand comes from Angelle’s son Jowin, who was born with cleft lip. In order to build Jowin’s confidence against other people’s staring, Angelle uses powerful and daring designs to present him as a trendy, happy and confident kid.

One of the most special features of JOW Junior is the combination of Holland and Asia. In many items, the premium selection of Dutch traditional fabrics and sophisticated craftsmanship are united.

Registration via info@aboutasia.com.

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