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Kizomba Training by Kevin from France ( 18th Mar. - 22nd Mar. )
Area : WuChangQu
Address : A-1402 Buhua Building Jiedaokou Wuchang (Exit B Jiedaokou Station)
Venue : ManLuo Dance
Begin Date : Mar 18, 2016
End Date : Mar 22, 2016
Free : No
Freq. : Multi-day event

TheKizomba (“Dance Party” in Angola dialect) is a dance by couples which is developedin Angola but effected by Portuguese speaking African contries in late 80’s ofthe 20th century. It absorbed Angolan Semba, Argentina Tango, Frenchzouk, Semba and Salsa. You can feel the pleasure of dance from very simplesteps and the rhythm of sensual. The most import point is “communication” whenyou dance Kizomba. The bodies of male and female are need to be very close toeach other.  The male will lead thefemale with his body moves, to make the body waves incessantly.

Introduction of Kevin Masgrau :

“Dance with the rhythm, embody the song and connect as one with your partner the length of a song” is Kevin’s motto. Grown up south of France near Barcelona in a Spanish family, Kevin is surrounded by Latin music and Spanish culture since his early ages. He played in France in a “Brazilian Batucada” band for 5 years until 2008.

Introduction of Alina Ruan

I dance Kizomba from August 2015, I was not so crazy aboutthis dance until I meet my teacher Kevin. He brought me into the fantasticworld of Kizmoba, and I was deeply attracted to this kind of music and the waybody moves. I started to study this dance systematically from Oct 2015. Our (Kevinand me) performance has been highly recommended. Now I am giving  Kizomba class in Guangzhou together with Kevinand we want to share this enthusiasm to everyone” said Alina Ruan

12 Hours course :

19:00-21:00 18th Mar. (Friday)

11:00-14:00 19th Mar. (Saturday)

13:00-16:00 20th Mar. (Sunday)

19:00-21:30 21st Mar. (Monday)

19:00-20:30 22nd Mar (Tuesday)

RMB300/Class/2 hours

RMB1400/Course/12 hours (Single)

RMB2400/Course/12 hours (Couple)

RMB1200 for Single and RMB2200 for Couple before 15th March

Privet VIP Class and more information please contact:

18971429599 Mr. Luo

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