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Tulip exhibition kicks off in Wuhan Botanical Garden
Area : DongHuShengTaiLvYouFengJingQu
Venue : Botanic garden
Begin Date : Mar 18, 2016
End Date : Apr 10, 2016
Free : No
Freq. : Multi-day event

The Tulip exhibition kicked off in Wuhan Botanical Garden on March 17, 2016. A total of 600,000 flowering bulbs of more than 150 species were in full blossom.

The exhibition boasts the largest of its kind in central China with more than 30 new tulip species, including the rare black double flowers, “night queen”, “black parrot”, “fox trot” that can change colors, “mixture” with randomly different colors, “ice cream” whose shape resembles an ice cream, and “graceful chiffon” whose flower margins were like tassels, etc.

This year’s tulip exhibition will last till mid April.

Peach blossoms, pear flowers, plum flowers and Chinese flowering crabapples in Wuhan Botanical Garden have also entered best period for viewing. Besides, there are also flowers like Chinese redbuds, winter jasmine, yulan magnolia, etc. in the botanical garden.

(hubei.gov.cn by Mao Huifang)


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