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Talk about folk kiln Porcelain 说说民窑瓷器
Area : WuChangQu
Address : Hubei university
Begin Date : Mar 27, 2016
End Date : Mar 27, 2016
Detail Time : 10-12am
Free : Yes
Freq. : One-day event

Time: Sunday, March 27th, 10-12am

Venue: HanTanShe, Hubei university

Cost: Free

Being a professor of the art school of Wuhan textile university, Ms. Lu is also a renowned collector of Chinese antique porcelain for many years. She will talk about the folk kiln porcelain made during Ming and Qing dynasties. The techniques used and the stories behind. Will be a great opportunity for anyone who has interests in this art of 'China'.

芦秋玲 湖北省古玩和艺术品商会理事 武汉纺织大学艺术学院特聘教授


To sign up pls message to WuhanTime official wechat account. Seats are limited.

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