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“Beer Tasting Party“ by WuhanTime at ‘18 Brewpub‘
Area : JiangAnQu
Address : No.923 Jinghan Road Jiang‘an District Wuhan
Venue : No. 18 BrewPub
Begin Date : Apr 08, 2016
End Date : Apr 08, 2016
Detail Time : 8:00p.m.
Free : Yes
Freq. : One-day event

"Beer Tasting Party"  by WuhanTime at '18 Brewpub'

April 8th Friday - 8:00 p.m.

Add WuhanTime "wuhantimelive"  to register and first 25 winners (Lucky Draw) will get 1 set of 5 different craft beers. And all WuhanTimers get 10% discount on any purchase.

-------Craft Beer in Wuhan-------

Whether you’re a beer lover or not, you’re probably aware of the sweeping craft beer movement that has taken our country.

Craft beer is more than just awesomely delicious beer.  It's also a revolution against the insult of the industrialized notion of beer that has been preying on the populace for decades.  

Many of u may do not notice that there is already a local craft beer pub in Wuhan.

18 Brewpub is the first pub which devote to the craft beer. In this club, there are over 200 different kinds of beer from all of the world, satisfy every customs' need.

What is more, this pub has their own craft beer, in this pub, you could drink the beer of this city.

18 Brewpub have the first craft beer factory in Wuhan, in order to provide the customers, the beer of Wuhan. Karl Jiang is the chief brewer of 18 Brewpub, and have been in brewing for almost 5 years.

In Karl Jiang's view, craft beer is about embracing the original principles of brewing beer, making beer in smaller and sometimes single batches using only malt, water, hops and yeast in generally small, family-owned operations. Cheaper forms of sugar are not added, nor are other additives employed with various procedures to preserve, stabilize and streamline the brewing process.

In this way, the craft beer will have more flavor than the normal beer, and it definitely more tasteful.

So, 18 Brewpub maybe the best place for u to know the beer, the craft beer, and the local brew.

What's more, there are a lot of delicious food in that pub, such as Beijing roast duck pizza, Nachos and German sausage mix Platte, are really good dishes matching the craft beer.

------Discription of Craft Beer in No.18 BrewPub------

Fog and Haze · Wheat
4.5% abv  12 IBU   11.8°P
Foating in cup, the yeast looks like haze. Light yellow colour with a head of foam that quickly disappears. Nice fresh smell of flavedo and spice. Not bitter but very malty.

Film.G·Milk Stout
6% abv   22 IBU  16.5°P
Cocoa and milk chocolate build on the attack. Lots of bakers chocolate and chocolate truffles. Drizzle of caramel. Not very bitter, taste like a cup of latte. (not suitable for lactose intolerant patients)

Oh My Bebe · Cider
5.8% abv
Cloudy yellow, nice apple-cinnamon bouquet, with a little yeasty component. Not all that thin, body-wise. Smooth going down. Very drinkable, if you like sweet stuff.

Tiao DongWho · IPA
5.5% abv  40 IBU  14°P
Named after the youth pageant in Wuhan. The aroma is fruity in hops, but rich in taste, giving off a sweet aroma and the ideal amount of lace and head.

Nine-Head Phoenix·Imperial IPA
9.5% abv  90 IBU  21.5°P
Nine-Head Phoenix is the other name of Hubeiness. Pours a hazy orange amber with off white head. Aroma is pine, floral, and rosin. Taste has sweet malt backbone, a tremendous hoppiness with palate-shredding bitterness.

The Bloody Blade · Imperial Stout
9.8 abv  75 IBU 22°P
Pours black with a brown head. Smells of deep roasty chocolate, with hints of dark fruit. The taste is full, with chocolate, slight coffee, and subtle dark stone fruits coming through. Smooth and creamy, thick body with light carbonation.

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