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Concours de la chanson at Yellow Crane Tower reported by WuhanTime

On March the 26th ,Concours de la chanson has reached its 16th anniversary this year at the Yellow Crane Tower,where Philippe Martinet, consul-general of France, would vividly describe as “the Eiffel Tower in wuhan”.

It is more than a feast for the ears but for the eyes also.Beautiful french chansons echoed at an ancient,cultural tower adored by poets at all times.

This grand event has gathered audience’s 16 favorite singers competing for the jackpot-a tour to Avignon’s theater festival in july.It’s worth mentioning that some of the participants have travelled a long way to perform.

First prize went to the boy with the guitar from jianghan university after 3 hours of intense competition, this was no easy task for the judges for sure.

Dip into the events a bit if you are a french lover also, the next one going to France could be you, who knows.

Reported by Kelly Chen, WuhanTime

获奖名单:一等奖:雷雨晨 江汉大学 ;

二等奖:王祎飞 江西外语外贸职业学院 ;

三等奖:王杨婷 中南大学;

媒体特别奖:马汀楠 三峡大学


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