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Hu & Klein Studio

Area : WuChangQu
Address : Wanda Mansion build. 9 room 2008, Heping avenue 和平大道万达公馆9号楼2008室 Subway line 2 Ji Yu Qiao Station 地铁2号线,积玉桥地铁站下
Contact Phone : 150 2169 5264/186 7406 4477

Hu & Klein Studio is the initiative of the Chinese pianist Hu Wen and the French pianist Fabien Klein. Conveniently located near the Westin hotel and 15mn drive to the Wuhan Conservatory of Music, Hu & Klein Studio is an intimate and professional space where students can take classical and jazz piano courses, receive guidance and go through special training programs to be well prepared for exams and competions in China and overseas. In partnership with the Alliance Francaise of Wuhan and the JZ Club of Wuhan, Hu & Klein Studio also designs international study exchange programs for Chinese students to go study abroad and enroll for conservatory of music and Jazz schools in France.

Sound-proofed and equiped with a baby grand piano KAWAI GX-1, the studio is entirely dedicated to piano teaching, master classes, piano and singing rehearsals as well as chamber orchestra reheasals.

Fabien Klein starts studying the Piano at the age of 6 at the Paris IX Conservatory of Music where he graduated with honors. He then studies Esthetics of the Arts, Harmony, Musical score analysis and composition at the Paris VIII university and obtains his Master’s degree in 2001 with honors as well as a Phd grant from the French Ministry of Culture to write a thesis on the subject: “Continuity and discontinuity in Claude Debussy’s music” in 2002.

At the same time, he continues to study the piano and becomes Jean Fassina’s student from whom he receives the great pianistic legacy of Ignacy Paderewski, Chopin and Liszt. He also discovers jazz during this time and is today regarded as a classical piano concert artist as well as a jazz piano teacher, composer and performer.

Hu Wen starts studying the Piano at the age of 5 and enrolls for the Wuhan Conservatory of Music at the age of 12 where she graduated and obtained her Master’s degree with honors in 2008. She is today a piano teacher and a member of the teaching executive board at the Wuhan Conservatory of Music and won the Best Teaching Award in 2015 (Global Outstanding Chinese Artists Association).

Hu Wen is also a professional accompanist and is often called to perform with famous classical singing artists such as He Lei Ming, Dai Yu Qiang and Li Da Xin, all around China.

See below full scope of activities:

- Classical Piano Course

- Jazz Piano Course

- Young Children Piano Course

- Exam Preparation Program

- Competition Preparation Program

- International Study Exchange Program

- Master Class/Special Event

- Piano Rehearsal

- Singing Rehearsal (with piano accompaniement upon request)

- Chamber Orchestra Rehearsal

For more information please contact Hu & Klein Studio on the details below:

Hu & Klein Studio

He Ping Avenue

Wanda Mansion build. 9, room 2008


150 2169 5264/186 7406 4477

Subway line 2, Ji Yu Qiao Station