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Language Club by Kira Cefai

Area : No Limit
Address : Huazhong Agricultural University Wuchang (Near Nan Hu) 华中农业大学西北门口
Operating Time : Thursday 7:00 pm
Contact Phone : 15072451741
Payment : Free

The aim of this corner is to removethe stigma and fear of what is known as 'the hardest language in the world'.I'm a language lover and I've found that Chinese is one of the most simplelanguages I've learnt and now I'm excited to teach, 'the most used language inthe world.' My aim is to bring together people of all ages, experience and ALLlevels of Chinese to make new friends and improve their life in China byenabling them to be sufficient in Chinese and improve conversations, readingand understanding over all Chinese language, history and culture.

It is FREE because I believe I willnot be the only teacher there. I would like other people to contribute to thediscussions, it is merely a Chinese corner. Since I have opened the classes inOctober last year, I have made some great friends, learnt a lot about howpeople learn Chinese and also learnt new words and expressions myself. Also, Iplan to open up a Chinese school in Australia so this is great experience for me.It is a large, comfortable classroom, and I'm always equipped with a greatPowerPoint presentation and a white board to play games on! I'll also be bringingalong some wine and an excited attitude.

Kira Cefai

Address: Huazhong Agricultural university, Wuchang (Near Nan Hu) 华中农业大学西北门口

Contactdetails: Kira Cefai 15072451741