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Post-machine: The imagination of Holos
Area : No Limit
Address : K11 art village,Building 2 Central Business Street Changqing Garden Dongxihu Disctrict Wuhan
Begin Date : Apr 16, 2016
End Date : Apr 16, 2016
Detail Time : 3pm
Free : Yes
Freq. : One-day event

Post-machine: The imagination of Holos

                              Zheng Da and Lin Xin’s art project

Art Foundation will host a show created by artists Zheng Da and Lin Xin in the K11 Art Village on April 16th, 2016. Through their artworks, Zheng and Lin have expressed their imagination about the technological singularity, and explored the connection between machine and consciousness through “intelligentization” and “semi-intelligentization”.

“The wholeness of a collective intelligence of human, machines, and the natural world, and anything within this wholeness is holos.” Holos is a destiny of where we arrive in the future. When any intelligence is involved into the ordinary beings, the lifeless subjects will become a part of nerve center system connected with human beings. Thus the concept of live body expands and comes into a globalized “cerebra”, and we will all be part of it.

Using “Holos” a central theme in his creation, artist Zheng Da has expressed his thinking about the human-machine relationship through “low-tech” approaches. His works will bring the audience to an unusual experience and explore a sense of fear and tremble. There will be two pieces of his artworks first shown to the public, both are in new forms created in his lab – “Interactive lighting” and “sculpture of sound”. The machines are created by artists to express their consciousness, in a sense of machinery beauty. When someone entered the room, the interaction between a person and the machine will illustrate affiliation from an intelligent perspective. Through someone intervenes to machine intelligence, “I create you, your heart will be beating with me”. Lin Xin takes an angle to look at machines as the materialization of minds. A machine becomes a reflection of emotions, a platform to lease desire. The shining color of metal and digital images delivers a sense of emotion under unusual situations. As we call a robot “cold”, it is actually a description of feeling. The machine acts as an expression of human’s physical body, becoming an organ of the body. A machine can feel wind breeze, even in the virtual world we cannot feel the breeze. The machine also carries the unreachable desire in the perceptual world. Cyborg artists integrate human being and artificial intelligence, made of great minds and intelligence, eventually complete a wholeness of conscious and physical beings.

The art show will be opening in Wu Han at the K11 Art Village at 15:00 on April 16th, 2016.

Artists: Zheng Da, Lin Xin

Producer: Yan Xiaodong

Artist Consultant: Hong Yali

Organization: K11 Art Foundation

Venue: K11 art village,Building 2, Central Business Street, Changqing Garden, Dongxihu Disctrict, Wuhan



K11 艺术基金会将于2016年4月16日在武汉K11艺术村展出艺术家郑达、林欣的艺术项目。两位艺术家启用“智能化”或“半智能化”的创作手段,来对机器心智的“奇点”进行着想象,探讨机器与意识之间的关系。






出品:K11 Art Foundation


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