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International Yacht Party
Area : JiangAnQu
Address : Captain No. 9 Dock No 23 wuhan Port Jiang an district Hankou Wuhan
Venue : Captain No.9
Begin Date : Apr 29, 2016
End Date : Apr 29, 2016
Detail Time : 6:00 p.m. till Midnight.
Free : No
Price : 150 RMB
Freq. : One-day event

International YachtParty

Taking a stepahead on 29th April 2016,

V2 and WuhanTime collaborate together to throw an upscaleInternational Party for foreigners in Wuhan on Captain No.9 Yacht which will cruise around Cháng Jiāng or the Yángzǐ Jiāng, which is the longest river in Asia and the third-longest inthe world. This is First ofits kind.

In the evening, the skyline transforms into abrilliant and romantic display of lights. Discover the magic of Wuhan City at sundown with our FirstInternational Yacht Party exclusively for foreigners!

Don’tmiss out on one of the most incredible ways to see The City That IS DIFFERENTEVERYDAY!

The Tickets costs 150 RMB and includes Yacht Ticket, cocktails, beers, softdrinks, Food and Live DJ, photography, videography and more. Get your Tickets now..

For Tickets Add Wechat Id:- Wuhantimelive

Shisha and Alcohol Bottles will also be sold.

Party startsat 6:00 p.m. and will last till mid-night.

Run Down on April29th:-
6:00 Opening
6:10 – 6:20 (Introduction)
6:20 -7:00 (Dinner)
7:00 till Mid-night Open Terrace Party with Live Dj.

Our DJ’s " DJ Amin and DJ Elgon"
The bombs you heard once, and now with the tracks that wouldn´t leave your sweaty side; the kind of tunes that will hold a barrel load of nostalgia for thesummer. The Music will reach into the deepest recesses of your souls for thekind of fire that only music can ignite. We shall Dance our hearts out !

Important information please Read:-

  • Food Menu:-Braised Fish fillets, Braised     Chicken Pieces, Sliced Potato fries, Half fried Shredded Cabbage, Onion     Tofu Fry, cold smashed cucumber, tofu tossed with preserved eggs, Egg drop     soup with laver, Fried Rice and Noodles.


  • Alcohol bottles and Shisha will     be sold at the party.


  • Captain     No. 9 reserves the right to reschedule the boat party to another time     within 24 hours with no refund, due to weather or mechanical problems.


  • Excessive     drinking on a boat is dangerous. The Team is commited to promoting     responsible alcohol consumption. Any use of drugs won't be tolerated.     Anyone not adhering to this will not be allowed to board the boat or receive a refund.


  • Travel     on the boat is at your own risk. The vendor accepts no responsibility for     any injuries sustained while on board, although the boat is insured under Chinese law.

How to Get There:-
Captain No. 9, Dock No 23, wuhan Port, Jiang an district, Hankou, Wuhan (Near 97 Club).

For Tickets Add Wechat Id:- Wuhantimelive

See You there !

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