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Fortnite demonstrates sometimes even the lightest touch business design

That leads on towards the second factor that's in play here, that's something similar but much more deeply ingrained. Fortnite is primarily a console and PC title; Hogwarts Mystery is really a mobile game. That shouldn't make such an enormous difference to perceptions from parents or mainstream media, especially since mobile games really are a much larger industry than console or PC games at this time - nevertheless, there is a clear trend for Fortnite Skins and your mainstream media to see things on console and PC as intrinsically more worrying or pernicious than exactly the identical things on mobile.

This week's coverage is far from being the very first example on this. An more egregious example on this bias inside news recently may be the furore over loot boxes, which only became a large issue when console games adopted them despite similar mechanisms being contained in mobile games for many years. This isn't to convey that loot boxes are fine or good; rather, the mainstream media - and latterly government regulators - only became thinking about them like a problematic monetisation system once they made the jump from smartphones (where similar systems remain ubiquitous) to console and PC titles at https://www.mmoah.com/fortnite.

Here, too, familiarity plays an essential role. Everyone features a smartphone, causing them to be less threatening and "weird" to folks and newspaper journalists than consoles or gaming PCs. In many households, a console or gaming PC can be a device that's generally used only by a few people, and to the others - potentially including both dad and mom - it as well as its influence undoubtedly are a potentially worrisome mystery. Smartphones, however, are actually demystified; how could everyone's favourite Facebook and Candy Crush device ever be an adverse influence? (No, don't start making a listing, we'll exist all day.)

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