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How to install and register a retail McAfee Windows security product

The antivirus McAfee is known for its advanced features. It provides complete shielding against cyber-threats, virus, malware, and suspicious activities. If you are also willing to get such advanced cyber-protection then you should install the McAfee windows security product. After that, you need to register and enter the McAfee renewal code. Well, to get the advantage of McAfee antivirus you can install it via given simple steps and then activate it.

Steps to install retail McAfee window’s security product:

When you will have to install the retail McAfee antivirus for protection of your personal information and data. Then you should try these given steps.

Install retail McAfee via web-browser:

1.Go to the official page of McAfee antivirus.

2.Sign in to the McAfee account.

3.Now go to the product list.

4.Choose the “McAfee window’s security product.”

5.Now download the McAfee antivirus.

6.Select the downloaded file and process to install.

7.Run this file and install the antivirus product.

Install retail McAfee via CD:

1.Insert the installation CD of retail McAfee.

2.Run this CD into your computer.

3.Click on install retail McAfee window’s security product.

Steps to register retail McAfee window’s security product:

When the installation is completed then you will have to register your account. After registration, you will able to activate the antivirus software.

1.Launch the McAfee window’s security product.

2.Now click on subscription.

3.Here you will get an option “Enter product key.”

4.You need to type that 25 digit product key in the box.

5.Click on activate the subscription.

6.Now save the changes over here.

You should make sure that now you are capable to protect your computer, laptop or other devices against suspicious threats. Well, if you have some confusion then let it clear that you will have to enter McAfee activation code on the required box. After that click on the activate button and subscribe the antivirus subscription. You can renew your antivirus subscription via using the McAfee antivirus.

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