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Area : No Limit
Address : Hui Yuan Hotel
Venue : 惠苑酒店位于武汉市武昌区张之洞路211.
Begin Date : Aug 26, 2016
End Date : Aug 26, 2016
Detail Time : Frm 1.00 PM to 6.00 PM
Free : No
Price : ¥50.00 CNY
Freq. : One-day event


In Africa, agriculture has shown an untapped potential. The continent is home to millions of hectares of unexploited arable land. According to the World Bank, agriculture, as a key driver of growth, contributes 32% to Africa’s GDP and provides employment to 75% of the labour force. Agriculture related activities defined as agribusiness has not only the potential to reduce poverty and drive economic growth but also presents limitless opportunities for entrepreneurs in and outside the continent. The World Bank predicts that by 2030, agriculture could potentially become a US$1 trillion industry.

China has manifested its interest for African agriculture. Until recently China was focusing its engagement on technical assistance and capacity building in agriculture industry. However, with the development of markets, food security challenges, potential for expanded trade and sustainability, China is now encouraging, through incentives, its agribusiness sector to invest in Africa. Chinese investments and African potentiality in terms of agribusiness enlighten vast opportunities for Africa’s agricultural goods in China. Nevertheless investing in the skills and abilities of the people, both Africans and Chinese remains the key to materialize the Africa’s agricultural potentiality.


Poultry Industry

As a specific sector of the agribusiness industry, poultry offers great potential in the continent. Chicken is known as a Fast-Moving Consumer Good across Africa. Investors are seeking opportunities to take advantage of this rapidly growing market. Eggs production as well, is following the same trend and with less than five per cent of the world total production showing great growth prospect.

In light of this, the Africa China Business Forum (ACBF) is committed to contribute to the capacity building and trainings of stakeholders willing to be part the development of agribusiness in Africa. The ACBF will host its first thematic seminar on Agribusiness in Africa focusing on poultry industry. The seminar will be held on the 26th of August 2016, at Hui Yuan Hotel, Wuhan. The event intends to be practical and interactive to address and answer issues faced by entrepreneurs and investors in the industry.

The seminar will focus on:

  • General overview of the poultry industry

  • Opportunities and challenges of poultry industry for Africans

  • Investment in poultry industry

  • Technical expertise and acquisition of industrial equipment

Main speaker: Mr. Sean Graham

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