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Wuhan Hackathon!
Area : No Limit
Begin Date : Nov 04, 2016
End Date : Nov 04, 2016
Free : Yes
Freq. : One-day event


                       Wuhan Hackathon!                      


Hackathon (also known as hack day, hackfest or codefest), originated in Silicon Valley, is a popular design spirit-like event in which top coders, developers, project managers, designers and others, collaborate intensively on projects. Google, Facebook, Uber, Tecent, Alibaba, Baidu as well as some other companies often host a company hackathon within their companies. Twitter itself was born from Hackathon.

In 2016, guanggoo.com, cooperating with some other Wuhan well-known internet companies, will run the 2nd Wuhan Hackathon. It will invite more than 200 contestants, including 40 teams with programmers, designers, creative people and product managers. The competition consists three parts: Ideas Collection, Program Developing, and Demo Presentation. Participants will enjoy the 32-hour coding game with a decent place, drinks, snacks and meals. Winners will get chances to win cash awards.

The 2nd Wuhan Hackathon will not confine to any specific programming languages, API, or frameworks. All the participants are free to choose related techniques to solve the problem. On 2016.10.29, Wuhan Hackathon V2.0 will be Released!

Apply Now! Join us and just bring your laptops, with your teams or find your partners on site, then enjoy the 32-hour coding game and turn your ideas to demo. You will make something brilliant!

To join please click ‘read original text’at the end of the post, or simply visit :


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黑客马拉松(Hackathon)又称“编程马拉松”,起源于硅谷,是一项流行于程序员中的热门活动。 Google、Facebook、Uber、腾讯、阿里、百度等公司经常举办内部的编程马拉松,甚至Twitter本身就是Hackathon的产物。



武汉黑客马拉松V2.0有什么好玩?2016.10.29 Wuhan Hackathon V2.0 Release !



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