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Restaurant converted from Boeing 737 opened in Wuhan

2016-09-12SOPHIE WILLIAMSwuhantimewuhantime

Not your usual plane meal! First look inside China's £4 million fine-dining restaurant converted from a retired Boeing 737

An Article from mailonline By SOPHIE WILLIAMS

Never-before-seen images give an insight into China's latest fine-dining restaurant which is located inside a retired Boeing 737.

The airplane restaurant, bought and established by a Chinese tycoon, opened to the public today in Wuhan, central China's Hubei province, reports Huanqiu, an affiliation with the People's Daily Online.

Owner Li Yang told reporters that it cost him 35 million yuan (£3.9 million) to buy and to re-fit the retired jet.

The new attraction in Wuhan: The owner Li Yang came up with the idea after he saw a plane hotel in Sweden

A nice evening out: The average price of a meal at the restaurant is around 200 (£22.50) to 300 yuan (£33.74)

Would you like some peanuts? The 'cabin crew' go through vigorous etiquette training and have to fit airline standards

Giant: The plane was bought from an Indonesian airline which went bankrupt in 2013 for 35 million yuan (£3.9 million)

Ambitious Li said his restaurant, which has been named 'Lily Airways', is a Western-style fine-dining space.

The man claimed he had spent 'big money' hiring chefs from abroad to man the kitchen and that the average price is around 200 (£22.50) to 300 yuan (£33.74).

A Boeing 737 plane can typically carry 128 passengers. According to Li, the restaurant can accommodate 70 guests at a time.

He told Sina that a few years ago, he saw an airplane in Sweden that had been turned into a hotel and so came up with the idea of opening a restaurant.

In keeping with the airplane theme, waitresses were selected according to airline standards.

Males need to be taller than 5ft 7in and females need to be taller than 5ft 4in.

All staff members have to go through vigorous etiquette training.

A long process to the end: The plane was split into several parts and shipped from Indonesia to Wuhan

Genuine: Waiters and waitresses have to stick to a stick etiquette and dress code to ensure the experience is authentic

Welcome! The owner says he wants to hire chefs from all over the world to give the plane and food a global feel

According to Sina, the aircraft is a decommissioned aircraft purchased from Batavia Air, an Indonesian company, which went bankrupt in 2013.

It's located on a German-style pedestrian street of the Wuhan.

The Boeing 737 is reportedly over 28 years old and had previously been owned by several major airline companies including British Midland Airlines and Mandala Airlines.

The narrow-body aircraft was split into several parts and transported by sea from Indonesia to China after Li purchased it last year.

Disassembling the plane took around four months.  

Parking spot: An aerial view of the restaurant which is a retired Boeing 737 and is located in the German area of town

A good tourist spot: The passenger plane is set to become a landmark on Wuhan's pedestrian street


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