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Sahra Halgan Trio la voix de Somalilland at JZ Club
Area : No Limit
Begin Date : Nov 04, 2016
End Date : Nov 04, 2016
Free : Yes
Freq. : One-day event

莎拉 ·阿尔甘三重奏

Sahra Halgan Trio, la voix de Somalilland

9月8日 21:30

8 septembre   21:30

JZ Club


Hezuolu, Yanjiangdadao, Hankou

Great-granddaughter and granddaughter of traditional singers, Sahra has been singing the repertoire inherited from her ancestors since her childhood. Despite her parents’ disapproval and the discredit attached to women musicians in her native Somaliland, she has grown up and has started her career accompanying bands and playing in musicals.

When the war burst out in 1988 in Somaliland – territory situated in north-eastern Somalia and formerly a British protectorate – “Little Sahra” (Sahra Yart) commits herself and sings by the Walalo Hargeysa’s sides, soldiers fighting for the independence of their country. On the front lines, Sahra acts as nurse for the Red Cross. In the middle of the jungle, she sings to allay the sufferings of the wounded soldiers. “Little Sahra” then becomes “Sahra the combatant” (Sahra Halgan), a nickname given to her by a separatist radio of the country. In a tight social and political context, she runs off the country in 1992.

Political refugee settled in Lyon, she is still actively supporting the cause of her country, self-proclaimed independent in 1991, but so far unrecognized by the international community. Since then, she is considered as an absolute musical icon of the country and as the voice of the Somalilandese community dispersed to the four corners of the world.

Her unique and atypical vocal identity has largely contributed to this recognition. Characteristic of the territories of eastern Africa, where the influences of the Middle-East and of Africa are intermingling, her voice surprises by its suppleness, its timbre and its originality; combining throat-voice, tribal inflexions, ululations and oriental ornamentations.

Since her arrival in France, Sahra Halgan has staged her atypical route and her musical family inheritance with the complicity of African musicians settled in Lyon. After the release of her first album in 2009, she has covered the stages of Europe and of the world, and she has endeavoured to make the very unrecognized somalilandese culture discovered by the European audience. “I haven’t left Somaliland to go sightseeing, I didn’t had the choice” says Sahra, in one of her song.

True ambassadress of her country’s music, Sahra sings the nostalgia, the memory and the rips of the exile. With lightness and in shows full of emotions, she becomes a vibrant echo of Somaliland and sings love, peace and war. On stage, this great east African voice with an incredible stage presence has a gift to take the audience to a unique journey where good mood and shared smiles are blending…





Sahra Halgan est une artiste emblématique du Somaliland, territoire situé au nord de la Somalie, indépendant de fait depuis 1991 après une terrible guerre civile. Très jeune engagée dans la guerre pour l’indépendance en tant qu’infirmière et artiste, ses chansons lui ont valu un statut d’icône de la liberté. Sahra a dû s’exiler en Europe.

C’est à Lyon, où elle a vécu près de 20 ans, qu’elle a rencontré les musiciens français Aymeric Krol et Maël Salètes. La volonté du trio est de faire connaître au monde sa culture, les souffrances et les joies de son peuple, dans une forme musicale brute et sans artifice.


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