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First Standup Comedy Showcase in Wuhan 武汉第一个老外相声
Area : No Limit
Begin Date : Nov 04, 2016
End Date : Nov 04, 2016
Free : Yes
Freq. : One-day event

It has been my quirky dream for years and now it finally comes true!




The Shanghai Comedy Club

Kurt Dunsing

“Kurt Dunsing is an American comedian from Chicago. He’s a man of insatiable thirsts and overwhelming sensuality. When he’s not onstage telling jokes, he hosts a children’s English-education program, often dressing as penguins, explorers, pirates and astronauts.

He also hosts “Let’s Talk About Greg”, a comedy podcast hosted on his sometimes-updated websiteTheLunarParade.com.

Come to his show. Come to him. Be one with him.”

J.J. Wakrat

JJ Wakrat hails from Montreal Canada and has performed on stages in Hong Kong, at Yuk Yuks, all across Canada and Shanghai but most importantly in front of the mirror while his wife pretends to listen. JJ’s is an old-school comedian who prefers fart jokes, dick jokes, and the Oxford comma.  JJ is also a boxing ring announcer and event MC. He is Shanghai’s English language weatherman, but don’t blame the weather on him! For a nice red hongbao however, he will make it rain.

Favorite fruit: Cherry

Email jjwakrat@yahoo.com

Erin FM

“Hailing from the USA, Erin FM’s quirky mix of embarrassing personal stories, odd observations, silly wordplay, and occasionally even music makes for a hilarious and original comedic performance. “ – The Daily Planet


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