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Italian folk singer 意大利民谣歌手 12月23日 FERNANDO FIDANZA Live现场@Summer House
Area : JiangAnQu
Address : 2nd floor of Building 4 Wuhan Tiandi68#Lugouqiao Road Wuhan武汉市江岸区卢沟桥路68号武汉天地4号楼直上2楼 Phone预订热线:027-8222 1388 / 152 0717 1283
Venue : Summer House
Venue Url : www.summerhouse.com.cn
Begin Date : Dec 23, 2016
End Date : Dec 23, 2016
Detail Time : 19:00-22:00
Free : Yes
Freq. : One-day event


|talian folk singer


Fernando Fidanza


07:00 PM-10:00 PM

Live现场@SummerHouse 武汉Wuhan

Fernando Fidanza "The shape of wind"

Italian folk singers live their music on the road. With their guitar and a bottle of wine go from cities to cities sharing their stories. If you stop to listen they ll give you a glass of wine hoping to hear your story... so that they can write yet another song about you. Music like any other art is a tool to express our feelings...our inner voice...and no one can tell us that our feelings are wrong. Fernando Fidanza started to perform at 13..

Playing in Europe, USA and China. His songs are about wine, love, hate, and art. He constantly needs to hear your story. Come and share

名字 : Fernando Fidanza 题目: "风之形"

意大利民谣在路上出生的。意大利民谣歌手没有家,全世界是他的家。他不管别人说什么, 他讨厌别人说他应该怎么生活。他天天带吉他,带一瓶红酒在路上唱歌,天天不一样的地方,天天认识好多人,和他们分享酒,和他们分享故事。他们的故事变成他的下一首歌的歌词。音乐是一个工具,让我们分享我们的感觉。我们的感觉一定好听。Fernando Fidanza 从罗马来, 五岁开始弹吉他, 13 岁开始演出。 他的歌是关于爱情,,艺术,死亡,梦想,社会。。。他自己的梦想是在每个国家演出。




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