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Round table meeting held as Wuhan strives to join UNESCO Creative Cities Network


A round table meeting on Wuhan’s application to become a City of Design was held in Wuhan Conference Center on 13rd, November. Liu Yingzi, Deputy Mayor of Wuhan municipal government met with Francesco Bandarin, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture, as well as other experts from home and abroad.

The delegation arrived at Wuhan on 12nd, November. They visited East Lake, Chu River and Han City, James Jackson Museum, Big House Industrial Heritage, Hankow River Beach, Lihuangpi Road and Zhongshan Avenue renovation project, Changjiang Civilization Museum, etc. A visit to the Wuhan City Planning Exhibition in Wuhan Citizens Home and a report on the East Lake Greenway project were also included in the schedule. Both Chinese and foreign experts gained deeper insight into the distinctive history and culture of Wuhan, making constructive suggestions on the city’s efforts to get the designation.

Relevant leaders from the municipal government and City of Design (Wuhan) Promotion Office, as well as Niu Xinqiang, well-known academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Guo Emei, Vice Chairman of municipal CPPCC, Jin Zhihong, president of CITIC Construction Group introduced their preparation work in details and, highlighting the city’s uniqueness in terms of culture, tourism and design.











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