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Hybrid at Coastline Bar
Area : No Limit
Begin Date : Mar 31, 2017
End Date : Mar 31, 2017
Free : Yes
Freq. : One-day event

【时间】2017年3月31日 21:00 - late

【 Date】31/3/2017 21:00 - late

【ADD】Coastline Bar/No.29 Houchang Street, Peng liuyang Road, Wuchang District(the alley of Bar is opposite to Milo KTV besides Xin Jingchu restaurant, after entering the alley, walk for about 10 meters)




HYBRID是由一群在武汉的外籍留学生,白领以及中国女主唱一起组建的乐队,风格涉及Funk,Soul,R&B,Rock and Jazz。乐队的第一首原创Funk歌曲"Thinkin' bout you”也将在31号在海岸线首演。不管是原创作品还是翻唱曲目,都蕴含着饱满的热情,每次现场都能让台下的观众跟着音乐一起跳舞(注意,不只是轻轻的摇摆)。

演出当天,龙舌兰 10rmb/杯,AC/DC啤酒 100rmb/4 cans

Hybrid will be playing live at the Coastline Bar this Friday the 31st of March. Check out their unique mix of jazz, rock, funk, pop and otherworldly sounds. Come early to guarantee a seat, or join us on the dance floor!

This special show will also mark the band’s first showing of their new original funk song called ‘Thinkin’ bout you’. Be the first to hear it live at Coastline! Also there will be more new songs to keep you dancing all through the night!

Special offer all night on tequila shots, only 10RMB per shot! Also on offer is some imported AC/DC German Beer only 4 cans for only 100RMB. Let’s party and get our drink on together with the band!

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