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Kindergarten English Teacher Elite International School: 20000rmb/mo + 3000RMB/mo bonus!
Area : No Limit

Kindergarten English Teachers are full time, native English speakers responsible for duties related to planning, instruction, assessment, and classroom management. For 2017 - 2018 school year, this position is available at our Wuhan Haidian International School campus.

Wuhan Haidian International school is an elite, private schoo that develops students with the skills to be successful in both a Chinese and Western school environment. Our students are academically well-rounded, possess critical thinking skills, have personal integrity, are polite and well-mannered, and most importantly, show care and respect for others. The teacher's role is to create a class environment favorable to learning and personal growth, to establish rapport with students, to motivate students to develop academic and life skills, and to establish productive relationships with parents and staff members.

About Wuhan Haidian International School:
--For more information about our campus in Wuhan, China, go to: www.whfles.com
--For Wuhan, China campus photos, go to: http://www.whfles.com/Category_10/Index.aspx

Pay and Benefits:
--20,000RMB for teaching months (10 months);
--10,000RMB paid winter and summer vacation (2 months)
--3000RMB bonus for each successful teaching month
--Flight reimbursement (to and fro) from home country once per year;
--2000RMB/mo (housing reimbursement;
--300RMB/mo computer allowance;
--Visa Fee Reimbursement
--Health insurance;
--Free meals on campus;

Teaching Information & Schedule:
--One year contract period (right person could have their contract renewed for subsequent years);
--You will have an English fluent Chinese teacher in your class to help you while you are
--Full time schedule: 7:50am to 11:50pm, 13:50pm-17:15pm (Monday - Thursday) and 7:50am to 18:00pm (Friday);
--During work day (except for two hour lunch break), teachers stay on campus to teach, prepare lessons, and attend school activities activities;
--Due to work visa application reasons, age range from 25 to 60

Qualifications for Kindergarten English Teachers are:
--Native English speakers;
---Higher education (college/university) degree;
--TESOL certification

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